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You How To Get Last Minute Golf Tee Times on
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Last Minute Golf Tee Times
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Golf18 Network is one of the best places to get
Last Minute Golf Tee Times.  If a golf course is not full they can offer you a discount on your tee times.  But which one in your area or where you plan for your vacation have this option?  That is where Golf18 Network comes in.  They actually have a network that is connected to over 2,000 courses in the US and some in Canada.

The list of golf courses are located at their Official Website: Click Here.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do book Last Minute Golf Tee Times at Golf18 works?

Once on their GOLF18 website you can go to your state or whereever you plan to golf and book your tee time. Once confirmation of your credit card is done a confirmation will be sent through your email for security.  Print that email and bring it with you.

Suppose I can't find my email confirmation.

Check your spam folder.  If you still cannot find it call  or email GOLF18 Network and they will send you another confirmation to the original email or a different one.

I order a tee time, but disappeared when I went to paid for it.

This only means that someone purchased that time, but doesn't mean you can't find another course or another Last Minute Golf Tee Times at GOLF18.  The best prices and times go very quickly.

The tee time only allow for three or less.

That is only because there was someone who purchase one person tee time, but the others are still available.

I see that I can pay on-line for some course but not others?  Why is that?

Golf18Network works very hard to get your the best last-minute tee time deals, so this means paying for it right away.

Golf18 Offer tee times as far as 14 days in advance.

Refund policy? Is there any?

Refunds are available for booking errors, so long as you call us at (800) 994-0661 FREE within 4 hours of your booking and confirm with a live phone agent at Golf18 Network. Otherwise, tee times are non-refundable and non-cancelable But if the course is unplaying due to extreme weather conditions then your booking fee are refundable. 

Do you charge a sales tax?

Some do others don't. Majority do NOT. 

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