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What is Golf18Network all about? is the lowest cost way to buy last minute tee times, guaranteed.

You can find the largest selection online, 3000+ golf courses in the US and Canada. We offer a 100% refund if the course does not allow play due to weather. Finding your favorite course and saving money is easy when you book your round at Golf18Network

Why we have the best prices: Golf clubs know we can fill their last-minute spaces, so they give us a great deal. We pass those savings on to you.

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Since 2002, Golf18 Network has save golfers tons of money at
their preferred golf course.

This is a golfer’s dream is the Best Deals in Golf. 
The more your play the more you save.

  • Free Green Fees
  • Play Weekdays and Weekends
  • Senior Discounts
  • Hundreds of Golf Courses to play in your area
  • Now Get Your App and Add to your Phone

Save $10-$50 Every Time You Tee It Up

Here are Just a Few Listing of Partner Courses across US States:

1. Connecticut
2. Delaware
3. Indiana
4. Kentucky
5. Maryland
6. New York
7. Ohio
8. Michigan
9. North Carolina
10. New Jersey
11. Pennsylvania
12. South Carolina
13. Virginia
14. West Virginia

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Last-Minute Tee Times - Guaranteed

Tee Time Golf Features:
The Lowest-Cost Way to Buy Tee Times

    Over 2000 golf courses in all states - largest selection online.
    100% guranteed refund due to weather.
    Find your course & save money by easily booking it here.

Why we have the best prices: Golf clubs know we can fill their last-minute spaces, so they give us a great deal. We pass those savings on to you.

Discount Golf Tee Times - Online Tee Times ...

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    Best Golf Site - Golf18Network and Search for Tee Times & Discounts.

Golf18 Network feastures the best and largest seleciton of Golf on-line tee times. You can Book Online Instantly.  They have hundreds of tee times across the entire U.S.

Discount Golf Tee Times - Online Tee Times -

Book Online & Save Up to 82%! Find your Course and Book Today.
Largest Selection Online Best Price Guarantee 100% Bad Weather Refund.

Click Here to Get The Lowest-Cost Way to Buy
Last-Minute Tee Times - Guaranteed

  • 575 Mid-Atlantic Courses
  • 53 New Courses
  • 316 FREE Greens Fees at 167 courses
  • Weekend Discounts at 77% of courses
  • More Senior Specials

What is Tee Time Golf18 Network?

tee time golf18

It a program with discount similar to the concert discount.  When their open seats or in this case open tee times the prices go down. It contains great and outstanding discounts at your preferred golf course and at the best areas for playing golf.

Golf18Network started their debut in year 2005.  They have been the best and top golf tee times program and sold over a millions worth of tee times.  Golf18 loves it when they can save golfers money.

The Golf18 Network  has a definite advantage over competitors because of the over 3000 new and additional rounds of golf country wide.

What are the Golf18 Network benefits?

  • Greater exposure on your underutilized inventories
  • You determine your tee time prices

What makes the Golf18 Network different than others?

  • Automated weekly emails of your posted tee times to our database
  • Your credit card and cancellations will be secure and done quickly.

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2. How do purchases through Golf18 work?

When you book a tee time through Golf18, the course receives an immediate confirmation of your purchase. You will also receive an email confirmation. Simply print out your email confirmation and bring it to the course.

2. I did not receive my confirmation email. What should I do?

If you did not receive your email confirmation, first check any spam or junk mail folders in your email software to see if the confirmation was delivered there. If the email is not there, email or call us and we can send you the confirmation letter again. We can send the confirmation to a different email address if necessary.

3. I wanted to order a tee time but it has disappeared.

If the tee time you wanted has disappeared, this means that someone has purchased it. Sometimes our best deals move very quickly!

The tee time I want is only allowing one, two, or three players, instead of four.

If a tee time is listing fewer than four players for purchase, this means that someone else has already made a purchase for that time, but they did not purchase a full foursome. In these instances, the remaining rounds are still for sale.

4. Why do some of the tee times require payment online, where other tee times require payment at the course?

Golf18Network strives to provide the best last-minute tee time deals on the Internet, so the very best deals we offer require online payment. This allows us to provide you the best deals we can find as quickly as possible.

5. How far in advance do you offer tee times?

So that we may stay on top of prices and demand, we offer tee times no more than 14 days in advance.

6. What is your refund policy?

Refunds are available for booking errors, so long as you call us at (800) 994-0661 FREE within 4 hours of your booking and confirm with a live phone agent at Golf18 Network. Otherwise, tee times are non-refundable and non-cancelable unless the course is not allowing play due to weather. When purchasing a tee time where money is due at the course, not showing up may result in your credit card being charged.

If a course is not allowing play due to weather, contact us before your scheduled tee time for a credit towards a future purchase. We will confirm with the course that they were not allowing play at your tee time and process the credit within 2 business days.

7. Do you charge a booking fee? Is this fee refundable?

Many but not all of our tee times will include a booking fee. In the event of a weather cancellation, contact us before your scheduled tee time to have the booking fee credited towards a future purchase.

8. Do you charge a sales tax?

A handful of our tee times do charge sales tax. However, the vast majority do not.

Your buy the discount tee times online, activated it for more discount and bring it to you when you play golf.  You make the reservation for your tee time and let them know you are a Golf Pass Member.  You showed them the your email confirmation receipt and will accept the discount offer at the course, so you don’t have to cut out coupons.   Some do have unlimited unlike the book expired the end of the year.

How Much Can I Save?

Have heard that golfers have saved up to thousands and this of course all depends how often you play golf.  But the average players will save hundreds of dollars. Usually you paid in discount in about two or three times you play golf.

Customers’ Testimonials

Charles Swain
    Great Golf18 Deals
    "Golf18 has the best deals on some of my favorite courses. Every golfer should be using this service! Thanks Golf18!!"

John Fearns
    Great Golf at a Great Price
   " Easy to book a tee time online. Never a problem when we got to the course. Selection of courses was good."

Jim Isham
    Always good service!
    "In the two years I have used Golf18 Network, I have never had a bad experience. Golf course availability and pricing are excellent. The offered discounts encourage me to book tee times on a regular basis."

Bryan Whitmire
    Easy to use and huge savings!
    "I would highly recommend golf 18 network. There are a ton of courses and great deals!"

“Tee Time Golf Pass has saved us thousands of dollars and allowed our group of retirees to play a variety of courses twice a week."
 ~Bob Crobak - Mechanicsburg, PA

“I had a Tee Time Golf  and paid $25.  My friends didn’t and paid $75.”
 Walt Witkowski – Washington, NJ

“Hands down the best discount golf program in Virginia.  Tee Time delivers on its promise of ‘Play More, Pay Less.’”
Jonathan Owens – Richmond, VA

“We’re averaging less than $25 per round and playing upscale courses.”
Craig Castle – Charleston, WV

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